Cleanthony Early turns to Yoga in Preparation for the NBA season!!

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According to the ESPN blog New York Knicks forward Cleanthony Early is “surprisingly” (I’m not surprised) adding yoga into his work-out regime.  He’s noticed a difference in his defensive positioning, dribble positioning, ankle and hip mobility, and overall flexibility.

“I think all of those [factors] really matter as far as getting your body in shape and getting to a certain level of conditioning”

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Yoga Cruise Around Lower Manhattan

Middletown native Rae Broderick leads yoga classes aboard the Spirit of New York
Middletown native Rae Broderick leads yoga classes aboard the Spirit of New York

Known for its sightseeing tours, the Spirit of New York is offering up something a little different on select afternoons.  Attend a vinyasa yoga class aboard and experience an aura of peace before the party begins.  Board in the early morning at Chelsea Piers and take in the view as you center on your breath.  Teacher Rae Broderick says the 45 minute class is open to all levels, focusing on basic movements, students are challenged by the gentle sway if the ship on the water.  Says Broderick, “anytime you can share yoga in a new environment is so exciting!”

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via, “It’s a  nearly imperceptible movement, but when violinist Elena Urioste is on stage, she often roots her feet to the floor, spreading her weight evenly as she breathes deeply.  Bringing that subtle attention to her stance helps Urioste overcome nerves and remain focused on the moment.  I’s a tactic the 20-something picked up from yoga, a practice she says has deepened and improved her musical virtuosity”

“I do Bikram yoga,” Urioste says, “The practice conditions you to be able to get through the worst, whether it’s a particularly harrowing performance or a really hot airplane, or being stuck in traffic.  You realize you breathe deeply and everything’s going to be fine”

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