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Called AJNA chakra in Sanskrit, this energy center’s name translates to “command” or “the qualified absolute” referring to the intelligence and intuition that emanates from this energy center…

Our “3rd Eye” is located at the center of the brow between the two eyebrows and is associated with our sinus system as well as the pineal and pituitary glands.  The third eye is generally associated with the color INDIGO although some people visualize it as violet and even white.

Our third eye plays a vital role in the way that we see and understand the world around us.  Representing a center between the left and right eyes and brain hemispheres, our intuition can be thought of as receiving thoughts from a balanced and centered place.  The yoga practice of alternate nostril breathing is a great way to balance and center.  Additionally, practicing seated meditation is a powerful way to open our intuition center.

The sound of the Third Eye chakra is OM, which is also the universal sound of Yoga.  OM represents all sounds, including silence, which means that when sounding the mantra of “om” over and over again one is able to connect to the ultimate unity of the self with the surrounding universe.  In fact, the tone of OM is said to vibrate on a cellular level through all things everywhere, the hairs on our arms, the oceans, and even the moon.  When sounding OM one can deepen the healing and balancing benefits of the mantra by relaxing the eyebrows away from each other and crossing the eyes to look up towards the center of the brow visualizing an indigo light.  As with all of the chakra mantras, be sure to allow the sound vibrations of each mantra to emanate from the physical location of the corresponding chakra (in the case of OM/3rd eye, the sound should be felt vibrating through the sinus and center of the brow)

the sound of the 3rd eye chakra is <<OM>>


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