“love is divine power”

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Called ANAHATA in Sanskrit, the name of this energy center translates to “not struck” which refers to a “pure sound of creation”

The heart chakra is, not surprisingly, associated with the heart and it is located at the center of the chest where it glows a GOLDEN GREEN color flanked by ROSE PINK gateways that extend into the shoulders and collar bones.

Our heart chakra is the transition point between the earthly and physical characteristics of the lower three chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus) and the more spiritual/intellectual essences of the upper three chakras (throat, 3rd eye, crown)

The heart chakra teaches us to respect love as Divine Power, which means recognizing the omnipresence of free and unconditional love as it surrounds us and flows through us.  At the very pin-prick center of the chest there is an inner light that can be cultivated as a source of inner knowing and self-healing.

Yoga hand gestures such as anjali mudra, padma mudra, ganesha mudra, as well as drawing the middle finger to touch the tip of the thumb in both hands connects us to our hearts, helping to expand our awareness of the steady truths and intentions of our own beating hearts.

the sound of the heart chakra is <<YAM>>

heart chakra

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