Reiki Session

REIKI puts human and animal clients into a deep state of relaxation, promoting an individual’s natural ability to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally. Each session incorporates aromatherapy, gem stone therapy, mantra, and light hands on healing techniques.

60 min session…$60

30 min distance Reiki…$25

Tarot Reading

TAROT brings clarity and understanding to specific issues as well as the vaguer, big-picture questions most of us have.  Reading cards is like reading an ancient book whose pages can be arranged infinite times in any order to reveal unique stories of divine truth.

Tarot Reading in person, by phone, or by email…$30

Individual Restorative Session

Relax your way to health!  With this special combination of Thai Massage, Reiki, and Restorative Yoga techniques clients experience a deep sense of re-alignment mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Ideal for those seeking rejuvenation and a deep sense of peace.

60 minutes…$100

90 minutes…$150

Individual Proprioceptive Writing Session

People need meditation now more than ever before.  Our daily life is full of distractions and overstimulation, not to mention almost unconscious expectations based solely on our perceived appearance.  Discover a path to personal clarity with Proprioceptive Writing!  Taking an introductory course and maintaining your own practice is highly recommended!

1 hour session…$60

6 session pack (expires 6 mo after purchase date)…$300


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