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Graceful and powerful big cats, Leopards are so comfortable in trees they eat up into the branches to protect their kills from scavengers.  Their spots also help them blend into the branches, so this cat often hunts from up above in the trees under the cover of darkness.  Like tigers, Leopards love to swim and sometimes eat fish or crabs.  Baby leopards can be born any time of year and when they are cubs they have grayish colored fur and no spots.  Baby leopards have no camouflage so mother leopards hide them, moving them from one safe location to another.

Leopard Spirit Medicine reminds us that there is always a period of rebirth after a period of suffering or death on some level.  The leopard will heal deep wounds and bring old issues into resolution through reclaiming the power lost during the time of wounding.

accept your own spots and use them as your own strengths.

You have the power, strength, and resources to accomplish everything you dream of.


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