“honor oneself”

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Called MANIPURA in Sanskrit, this energy center’s name translates to “the city of the shining jewel”…

The “solar plexus” chakra is located in the upper abdominal region that stretches between the right and left sides of the rib cage.  Associated with the stomach, liver, and diaphragm as well as the upper abdominals, this energy center also corresponds to an important energy lock in Yoga, Udianda Banda.

Associated with the color YELLOW, our solar plexus chakra represents the concepts of Identity and willpower.  It takes effort to hold yourself up with confidence, and this energy center teaches us to honor our selves by observing our motivations and choices.

Poses such as the warrior series, dolphin dives, crow, and eagle are challenging and bring about increased confidence while utilizing the power of our upper abdominals.  Deep twisting is also great to detoxify the liver and spleen and help to clear out negativity, doubts, and fear.

the sound of the solar plexus chakra is <<RAM>>

manipura body

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