“surrender personal will to the divine will”

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 10.02.20 PMTHROAT CHAKRA  :  

Called VISHUDDHA chakra in Sanskrit, this energy center’s name translates to “purified”…

Located at the base of the neck, our “throat” chakra is associated with the throat, vocal chords, lymphatic system, and the ears and glows a TURQUOISE BLUE color

The throat center is also the seat of our addictions and unconscious patterns of behavior- we all have moments when we speak without really thinking about what we’re saying, we get accustomed to certain language or turns of phrase.

The throat chakra wants us to communicate by speaking and listening from the heart, so keeping the throat center clear, flowing, and balanced is incredibly important and requires submission of one’s personal will (say, the desire to smoke a cigarette) to the divine will ringing clearly within a person’s heart (smoking is not good for me).

Yoga postures that benefit our throat chakra include fish pose, the engagement of our third energy lock, jalandara banda, and following poses that use the chin lock such as shoulder stand or bridge pose with poses that open the front of the neck, such as camel pose and full wheel.

the sound of the throat chakra is <<HAM>>


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